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This three day weekend was put to good use (says me) becuase Jon and I painted. We painted our family room, reading room and hallway. Talk about a transformation of a house. Within one weekend it went from drab old beige to shades of brown and blue. We were inspired to paint after we got nice furniture and rug. The room begs for people to relax in it now. Everything looks better because of the new paint colors. The main long walls are a coffee with a good amount of creamer. Two smaller walls are painted and glazed a deep chocolate color. When you get to the reading room, its a pale pale blue, there is already a darker blue below the chair molding. We carried the blue into the hallway. Once we get things in place again we'll do a photo shoot and I'm sure post the pictures on the blog. We also practiced bowling this weekend. Something clicked with me and I went from a 53 average to rolling an 86 during league last week. This weekend I got a 114! Talk about most improved bowler!