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So I've found that people will often tell you that you are lucky under certain situations. I feel that I am lucky because I'm smart, not ugly, part of a good family, and in love. But at the same time it is this "luck" that forces me to deal with the smaller "unlucky" pieces of my life and focus to try and appreciate the better points. Anyway, this all came up because while I might be lucky for getting to go to Rome, it also means that I have had to deal with all of the other crap that goes with it. Aaaahhh. I just want to be there already. Grr.

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On Tuesday, June 28th, Jocelyn said

Oh the joys of responsibility.

On Tuesday, June 28th, jocelyn said

Luck schmuck. You make things happen. The more you make things happen the more momentum gathers and more responsibility is needed. To paraphrase Spiderman, With great talents comes great responsibility.