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feeling: Fine., I have not been posting to the blog, even though I know that I need to, and I have plenty of things to talk about.

I think it comes from this need to post my rambling thoughts on random personal crap, and also my want to write thoughtful professional essays on Design and creativity, and websites and technology.

But I don't want them to overlap.

I also have more ideas than I have time, and rather than choose a topic and post, I don't post at all because I can't decide whether to write about how Fight Club is Walden (although Chuck ain't Henry David...but maybe Tyler Durden is), or what a hard time I am having thinking of a really creative way of redesigning my web site.

I tell you what, I'll post about something insightful really soon, but for now, digest this. BATMAN BEGINS in IMAX, TONIGHT, fuckers!