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Okay so Mom and I are doing this weight watchers thing and although I don't mind going to the meetings or counting my points I do have a problem with the diet and that is the giant loop holes that are left open everywhere. Did you know that I can have an ice cream sunday for dinner and as long as that's all I have I won't go over my points?! As a person that likes to find the easy way out this is a problem because when I feel like being bad I know that I can be, and part of me is okay with this as long as I continue to lose weight. I guess the really issue will grab me when I hit the wall one week. Anyway, I'm only 21 and if "knowing is half the battle" than I'm half towards being healthy now to work on that other half.

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On Thursday, June 9th, Jon said

Dude. Just because you can eat your equivalent value in points in ice cream does mean you should. You'd be hungry in an hour.

Eat what you know you should eat. The points are just a way to teach you what is good for you and what is not by synthesizing a variety of factors into a simple-to-deal with number value.

Now, go eat some carrots. Not carrot cake. Carrots.

On Thursday, June 9th, Jocelyn said

Dont think if it as a diet. The points are there as a guide. Its your choice how you eat 'em. FREE WILL.

You eat less calories in a day then your body uses and you loose weight. The choice they present to you is how you use the points.

You are also suppose to get your veggies and fruit, oil, dairy and water throughout the day. If you eat all of that and have points left over for ice cream...way to go!