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Web design sucks because people like to dictate random crap about web site design. It's absolutely assanine to dictate the OPTIMAL pixel dimensions of a logo on a page, or where it should be placed on the page.

This happens, in my opinion, because there are a bunch of very smart, yet completely uncreative, people involved in the computer industry. Unfortuntely, web design begins and ends on a computer for most people, so there poeple feel that they have some sort of authority in a medium that could otherwise (and really, on a small scale, has) be governed by the creatives.

What we need is a bunch of really smart , really creative people, who aren't affraid of the tech, to step up and take the reigns in web design. We need them from both fields. We need a bunch of really creative technologists to get involved too. People who aren't beholden to 'best practices.'

I hope to become one of these people. Because I am smart, and I am creative, and I am only a little scared of the tech.

*EDIT* I almost forgot to add: Please visit I just finished this site...for another designer. It's wierd to design for another designer. Cool...but weird. I designed and illustrated everything on the site, with the exception of the actual portfolio. It's pretty cool.