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Whoever reads this and pays bills online via their bank website head my warning. Check your bill amount over and over. AND check it again once you submit it to pay. There was a computer error when I paid two of our bills online. Instead of paying a total of $122 over $12,200 were taken out of our account.
Getting support from the bank took 3 calls. Calling the two vendors that were grossly overpaid accounted for 4 hours of my day last week and guess who still doesnít have a refund issued yet? Thatís right. Its easy for them to take so much money but to give it back takes days. Walking around with negative money due to a tech error makes us feel like we've been bumped out of society. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but its true. The pretend stack of money with my name on it that I envision every time I pay a bill, make a deposit or withdrawal is no longer there.

Will I pay bills online still? yes. Will I double check and check the following day what has been taken out? YES. Will I pay bills from the checking account? Not likely. Credit card with airline miles on it here we come!