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feeling: grrr

Okay so this weekend I'm supposed to go visit Kevin's mom with Kevin and you would think that this wouldn't be a big deal but I have a hard time understanding her and this lack of knowledge keeps me from being able to accept the decisions that she makes. Now this weekend has been planned since the end of the school year, about a month, and what is she doing but spending all day up at the farm, where Kevin lives. Now I understand that there has been a family emergency and that things are kind of bizzar right now but still this happens almost everytime, something has to get done or comes up so that he drives 3.5 hours to be with her and spends almost no time with her. Now I would drive 4 hours no matter which house I'm visiting so should I care no, especially since he doesn't care. Somebody help me, I need to calm down.

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On Friday, June 3rd, Jocelyn said

So youre going to visit her and shes not even going to be there? Is that correct?

On Friday, June 3rd, Jonathan Sandruck said

Here's a thought. Who cares? Go be with Kevin. If he doesn't care, why should you?

I mean, Geez!

On Monday, June 6th, Jocelyn said

Right on honey! Right on!