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Okay, so I was listening to the radio, and I was reminded of a conversation I had (or tried to have) a few months ago.

This woman absolutely refused to believe that I believed in evolution.
Now, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing to believe in or not believe in. It's like the weather. You can't say you don't believe in snow just because you've never seen it. It exists. That's probably why it bugged me so much that she a)didn't believe in it herself, but b) DIDN'T believe me that I believed in it. I mean, WTF? She refused to treat it as if it were a reasonable argument.

So, I'd say, how do you account for the fact that we are, on the whole, taller than our ancestors, or that we have organs that don't do anything, or that we get sick if we eat raw meat, although for hundreds of years we didn't have any good method of preserving our food except salt?

Her response was that she didn't think that evelutionists gave God much credit. Well, I'll tell you what. It's a lot harder to make something that adapts than it is to make something static.

Anyway, this is Texas.

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On Tuesday, March 22nd, Jocelyn said

Damn skippy. I've run into that down here too.