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Okay so everyone has had one of those days when they wish that they hadn't had gotten out of bed that day. Well that has definately been the kind of day that i'm having. I forgot about my italian quiz so that was a bomb, i didn't get to take a shower because I woke up late, it snowed but not hard enough to cancel classes, i ran into the teacher that I hate and she told me that I am still spending to much time on all the wrong things in the paper that I wrote, well if the paper is my opinion then shouldn't I spend time on what I find important not what she found important? I hate school. But I'm not so sure that life will get better once I'm out of school so somebody,,, what is the point again? plain

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On Tuesday, February 22nd, Jon said

The point is to end up getting paid to create things for a living, and not toiling away in some meaningless cube farm somewhere in the vast suburban commercial wasteland.

To get there though, you need to read some Shakespeare. Designers must be erudite if they're going to be any good.