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We all have our place on this blog....Jon write ad stuff, Nicole, school stuff, I write about food. This weekend, in attempt to straighten out my vision after being buried in a book for too long baked cookies. I was going to bake a cake, from a mix, because it would be quick and tasty. We didnít have icing, so I decided to make cookies from scratch. Healthier ones than average, but by no means, 'healthy'. They still required a stick of butter, but instead of regular flour, I used whole wheat flour and brown sugar. With added raisins and walnuts, they're packed with nutrition, right? Anyway, they're good and they're gone. Sunday I made roasted squash and apple soup and made walnut cilantro pesto to dollop on top of the soup. Iíve never made squash anything successfully. I was even hesitant to try a piece after it had roasted, for fear it didnít taste good. Even my first taste of the soup was frightening, but damn its some tasty soup. I would buy it at a restaurant! Last night I baked chicken with cranberry and wild rice. When that came out of the oven, I did a cheer in the kitchen because it looked soo good, juicy and tender.

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On Wednesday, February 16th, Jon said

That damn fine tasty chicken. And, the reason you don't have any more cookies is that I ate them ALL before my interview.

I was nervous!

On Thursday, February 17th, Jocelyn said

I know you did, because I found the canister on the floor by the couch, next to your snot rags and cups that I cleaned up when I got home from work. You sure weren't a ninja cookie eater.