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feeling: I can't tell. All this snot is keeping me from thinking clearly.

Okay, so I know I post on here a lot about advertising, but you are going to have to deal with it.

I am reading all these posts on Ad websites about how traditional advertising is going to go away, and it's all TiVo's fault, and it's all the Web's fault, and it's all iTunes' fault, blah blah blah.

The other night Jocelyn and I were waxing philosophic on the concept of TiVo and advertising, since we recently got one, and it occured to me that a)My wife kicks ass, and 2) I go out of my way to watch good ads.

Perhaps it is because I am some kind of Ad-perv, but I spend a little time every day watching good ads online. Maybe there is something to the whole viral-video ad thing. People pass around ads all the time via e-mail. Hell, I made an ad for one of our loan officers that got passed around for a while.

So...I guess what I am saying is, perhaps it isn't TiVo or the Web, or any other thing that is NOT TV or Radio, or otherwise chocked full of ads that is destroying advertising, but the quality of the ads. I think the vast majority of Network Television programming has proven that people will watch anything that is even mildly maybe try creating something that we'd go out of our way to watch.