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Okay so as we all know yesterday was the big V'day but what we don't realize is that although people complain that it is a holiday made up by "the man" to make people spend money it is now not about "the man" as soon as people bought into the idea that v'day is a true holiday and we must buy stuff then it became a fact that we all must follow like robots. In order to prove that it isn't important Kevin and I decided to stick it to the man and not celebrate, besides we have no money. So instead on Friday we had our traditional Friday night candlelit dinner and that was it. While we thought that no one would care what we did there was a great deal of disappointment amongst our friends that there was no grand statements. I guess some of the lonely people try to live out their romantic lives through those who have found love. Oh well to bad for them. I hope everyone else had a happy v'day. smile

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On Wednesday, February 16th, Jon said

Dude. You have a candle-lit dinner every friday? You two are freaks. FREAKS I TELL YOU!!!

Cut that sh!t out. You're going to raise people's expectations. wink