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So, although I am not amused by the antics of spammers and virus writers, and I have no idea if this is deliberate or the sort of coincidence that can only happen as the event of the bizarre logical evolutions that can occur inside a computer, but I just received a virus e-mail message from "Asparagus Q. Molokai."

Badass, right? I am going to have to start a whole list of these. They are getting funnier.

EDIT! In Fact, I am posting more of these after the jump, so into the Archives you go!
Februaru 14th, 2005:
Orgasms R. Howdah
Doily L. Stepdaughters
Toadstools I. Electron
Ministered B. Payers

February 16, 2005
Ingratiate L. Lucretia
Kneading M. Coolies
Backache G. Shimmer
Brenda F. Checkrooms
Unchanging P. Placards
Clunking L. Fuchsias
Grass L. Rutherford
Nozzles I. Spuriousness
Buzzword F. Certification (that's my Nerd-Porn name)
Unreserved B. Testimony
Marcy K. Imposition
Version H. Butterfield
Minerva R. Nark
Taurus F. Purred
Petted A. Antler
Payoffs P. Winfred
Remonstrated A. Disorderliness
Nostril F. Bogeyman (Oh my GOD!)
Lasciviousness I. Sparse
Carsickness H. Grandson
Toes P. Loan
Crescendo H. Eyed
Meanders A. Angleworm
Genet P. Affliction

February 17, 2005
Khayyam F. Redundant
Opening S. Recruits
Sylph S. Elaborations
Ing A. Xanadu
Beset T. Mitsubishi
Manchu T. Triptych
Unsealed P. Marjory
Kerosene K. Restatement
Overworking S. Payroll
Postlude A. Brenton
Menders O. Cherub
Bengali F. Mistake
Flatter C. Untwisting

February 17, 2005
Beryl D. Spareribs
Ind V. Repaired
Windbag D. Sensuously
Adapter V. Cellulite
Languid H. Fueled
Belfast Q. Ordinarier
Marting H. Extravagance
Censures M. Radiant
Barks H. Toni
Theodora C. Exception
Comely A. Doubters
Headboards O. Concordant
Dissociating R. Antiquity
Scrimp V. Laburnum
Capital J. Effective
Downgrading T. Mathis
Toffies O. Revamps
Autoed R. Kennan
Advisor S. Ideologist
Beatrice H. Romantic
Avarice S. Fugue
Opalescent T. Decca
Spills A. Sauted
Graves I. Publicizing
Asking J. Yell
Crossroads G. Obsolescent
Debate C. Shah
Highwayman J. Athabasca
Emulation U. Jeremy
Tragedians E. Witched
Cobweb E. Hearsay

February 22, 2005
Okay, this has gotten retarded, so I am only posting the funny ones from now on.
Yankee T. Hogsheads
Thickness J. Sunglasses
Potions F. Gloom
Smuggler H. Calliope
Castrations M. Swearer
Hodgepodge J. Incipient
Pachyderm O. Blunts
Gatorade H. Menorah
Groupings H. Rigamaroles
Hankie A. Rednecks
Chappaquiddick B. Nonalcoholic