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feeling: Satisfied

I enjoy food. I've been making good food lately. I just ate some leftover polenta squares. I'm very impressed with polenta. It can be creamy and thick like oatmeal, or it can be made into sqaures and baked or grilled. I just ate a left over baked square, man it heats up nice with some cheese melted on top. I made a roasted red pepper sauce for it the other night. Very simply, roasted peppers, alittle onion, balsamic vinegar and oil, all in the blender.. yum yum yum. I also made the most tender and flavorful pork on Tuesday. I don't know why it turned out so tasty, but it did. A cold spell has hit, rainy and dare I say, in the 50's. Its time for some soup to be made. Im also going to attempt a tasty and satisfying breakfast bar. The kitchen will be full of good smells this weekend.