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Home » Archives » January 2005 » Flash memory rules...I know, I am lame [Previous entry: "It's Official"] [Next entry: "I enjoy Food"] 01/27/2005: "Flash memory rules...I know, I am lame" listening to: NPR's pledge drive. Grrrr.

I would just like to say that flash drives rule, because they let me carry lots of files in a tiny little space, and I think that's keen-o.

Today, during my lunch, I will be fixing two websites that, had I not had my flash drive, I could not fix.

What I need now is some gadget consolidation. I need an iPod Shuffle/Phone contraption.

Also, do you think there is any hope of a device that turns a USB device into a bluetooth device. That'd be cool. It'd be like a wireless USB cable (if that makes sense).