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Home » Archives » January 2005 » Christmas! [Previous entry: "No one is posting on the 'blog...and that makes me sad."] [Next entry: "The Brand is Dead. Long live The Brand..."] 01/04/2005: "Christmas!" listening to: XPN, Public Radio from UPenn
feeling: Content, I wish I would have showered this morning.

I got a green house for christmas! I can't wait to grow more stuff! I can start herbs, veggies early! I can grow pretty flowers from seed. I can give my pretty flowers away as gifts. Its a great thing to look at. As everything this is dead for the winter, there is little to remind strangers who enter the backyard that I like to garden. I have so many plans. I also got a gift certificate to Redentas. I almost cried. Such a simple gift with a LARGE impact! I already have it alotted to Four Nerve Daisies for the front yard and maybe some good fertilizer. When things start to grow again, get ready for pictures pictures pictures!