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feeling: I can't tell. I think I am broken.

I wish Nicole would post something. I want to read something from someone else.

We had "Christmas" this weekend, because we had "Not Christmas (?)" on the 25th, because we were in Mexico. Nutty.

I won $30 at poker. That's right bitches, $30, which I promptly spent on a night at the movies with my sweety. Not too shabby for a $10 buy-in. Of course, Jocelyn lost her $10, so really we netted $10. Anyway. Woo! I won $10!

Also - On New Years....we stayed in with Keith and played a drinking game to the Gilmore Girls 2nd Season DVD collection, which did not go as quickly as I would have liked, but was fun none the less.

I think , in the future, there should be more rules, and they will follow after the jump:

Original Gilmore Girls "Newhart" Game Rules:

1) Whenever someone makes a Pop-Culture Reference, drink.
2) Whenever they order Pizza, Chinese, reference Pop-Tarts, or any desert, do a shot.

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On Tuesday, January 4th, Jocelyn said

I lost my hand because I strategically lost it to YOU, when I thought the game was ending soon, so you can rule over the table. I did it for US! I should have stayed in and played because the game went on forever with all the losers hanging around waiting and praying for it to be over. smileThe three remaining players are stubborn conservative players.