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Our trip to Cozumel was awesome. As Jon explained below, we snorkled ALOT. On two seperate occasions I saw an unidentified fish. I have named it the Christmas fish. It has a red/maroonish lower half. The top half has large multicolored scales. The colors range from hunter green to tan, and some are shimmery. I saw the fish as little as 2 inches long to 12 inches long...and they were almost always eating. I tried to flag Keith and Jon over to take a gander at these fish but everytime I saw them, no one was around me. Its a Christmas Miracle. For the other fish we saw, if I saw them in a cartoon, I wouldnt believe they were real. The fish were all messed up, 1/2 purple, then a stripe, then yellow...some were triangular. God does have a sense of humor.