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Okay, so, we went to Mexico and now we are back. I am a little upset about it, really.

1) I missed my dog, and my iMac, and my house and bed...but my job still BLOWS.

2) Someone has been openning mail in my neighborhood, which Jocelyn knew about, but noone has called the police that I know of. Anyway, when we got home we had three christmas cards that had already been openned in our Mail. None of them even attempted to cover their tracks by putting them in the envelopes when they were done. So, I hope nobody sent us money or gift cards from Target or anything, because some jackass has them.

Curiously, he/she did not open the envelope from Jay with my $600 check in it, nor did he take my issue of Wired. Not much of a reader, I guess.

3) My job BLOWS.

4) I forget where I was going with this entry. Oh yeah, it's all about Mexico, and it's after the jump.
So, we had a lot of fun in Mexico. The food wasn't all that great, and the only thing safe to drink was Alchohol, but we had in spite of it...or perhaps because of the latter of the two.

• We went snorkeling three days out of 5.

• Keith and I (see, I spelled it right this time, Keith) rented scooters one day and drove all over the island and saw some stuff, and I got over my fear of two-wheeled vehicles.

• We drove dune buggies to the side of the island where there are no roads, and went snorkeling some more and ate some tasty chicken and Guacamole and then drove back in our Dune Buggies!

• We got massages.

• Keith and I drank every drink they had on the menu in 90 minutes. We were drunk. DRunk. DrUnk. Dr. Unck. I was Dr. Unck, PhD. Hell yeah. I got an honorary PhD in alchohol consumption from F. U.. It's the first time I have ever been, like, drunk-drunk. I mean, I was shitty! It was awesome.

• I remembered a bunch of the Spanish that I forgot in College. That was cool. It was very nice. If you ordered your drinks in Spanish the bartenders were nicer to you. Una Cervesa Por Favor! (Actually, it was more like "Cinco Piña Colodas, Señor! Por Favor!" Because I was drunk.)

It was a really cool trip. I had a boatload of fun. The Croneys kick ass. I couldn't ask for better in-laws. We all had a blast. I know it sounds like I drank myself stupid and risked serious injury while I was there, so my Mom will be worried and get on my case about it, but...I did. I got drunk. I rode scooters and dune buggies, and she wasn't there to get on my case about NYAH! I got home okay, and if anyone wants to chastise me about my drinking, well, give me 30 seconds to pour myself something before you start. wink