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feeling: Mixed. Grief, relief.

There's no good way to break this news. It's always so hard. The Beige G3 233 that I bought in January 1998, which served me well for (almost) 7 Years suffered an electrical malfunction on Saturday afternoon and, much to my regret, has passed on.

The last few hours for the machine were tough, becoming less and less responsive until, finally, the CD-ROM was no longer getting power reliably, and the hard drives became unresponsive, finally failing to respond to the keyboard, and refusing to find any of the available bootable disks.

The upside of this weekend's events is that Jocelyn and I have welcomed into our home a new, more powerful, and prettier bundle of Joy & Productivity. Please join us in welcoming our new 20" iMac G5. It is a welcome addition, and I look forward to working with it more than I work on it, if you know what I mean.

The last few months with the old G3 (which was now a G4/500) were like dealing with an ailing pet or an old car. Or Both. On one hand, I knew that it was running on borrowed time, held together by elbow grease and the sweat of my brow, and on the other, every time I sat down at it I prayed that my reliable ol' workhorse would really be as invincible as I pretended, and make it through one more job. The resulting mix of emotions during the final hours (read: from 2:30 to 10:30 pm Saturday) were a mix of anger, grief, frustration, and finally, relief. I know. I am king of the Geeks.

A little QuickTimeVR of the new baby after the jump.

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