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Okay, so this post is going to be more self-serving drivel. Know that now, so that you are not suprised.
It's my christmas list! Every year my Mom used to ask me to make one, and I would say "If you took any interest in me as a person, you would know what I wanted" but after my experience with gift registries during the whole wedding thing, I have decided that it's good to give people a little help with gift giving. After all, chances are they will get you something you want!

Anyway, click on the word "More" to see the list. It will be added to and edited check back occasionally.

If you want to make it easy though, you can just visit My Amazon Wishlist Okay, so below is the list. Pictures connected to items will be links. Orange type in text boxes will also be links. If you buy things directly from the links provided to Amazon, they kick 5% back to me...which will go to paying for the hosting of this site and all the other sub-sites.

1) In-Ear Earphones for my iPod. Apple makes a set that are very nice. I'll add a link later.
2) iPod In-Line Remote, made by Apple
3) Fancy cases/clips/covers for my iPod. I have a 4th Gen. 20 Gig iPod (not iPod Mini or iPod Photo). OEM (Apple) or Third Party
4) iTunes Gift Cards/Certificates. I need to build up my library.
5) These things Here.

6) The cheap Tivo.
7) This watch. (Badass, eh?)
8) This Clock (the Blue one).
9) This Watch ('cuz, damn! that's cool)!
10) This Tie.

Griffin's RadioShark (So's I can record my Don & Mizzike on my iPizzod.)
The MacSense AeroCard Xtreme (for Xtreme wireless networking on my Xtreme 7 year-old powermac, boyee!)