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Now that I am not planning a wedding, there is extra room in my brain to think! I have many ideas now. The first idea that I had that Jon encouraged me to write about is my appreciation for croissants. On the cruise Jon and I looked forward to croissants every morning and the sherbet every afternoon. Croissants make my life better. Every bite is a surprise. I always forget how tasty they are...if they are fresh and good in the first place. They are so buttery, soft, moist yet the outside has a flaky crust. The middle has a different consistency than the ends, yet I dont prefer one over the other. Everybite is refreshing and who doesnt need that in their life. Croissants make my life better and they can make your life better too!

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On Thursday, November 4th, David Cloud said

big grin CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING. I know you have been busy, so when you get a moment or two, drop me an e-message over the electronics so i can read it using my interweb viewing machine thingy.