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feeling: Good, overall. Tired.

I want to spend more time doing some more fun stuff...some more intellectually stimulating, challenging stuff. You know, the stuff that geeks sit around and do, just to see if they can. Trouble is, I can't figure out what I should be doing. wink

More after the Jump... I want to spend more time working on my professional website, and this website, and getting all my stuff set up.

I want to set up my computers so that they make my life simpler, not more difficult.

I want to build a website that is a repository of everything that I am thinking all the time.
I want to be able to post photos and text, and sounds, and everything, all the time.

I want to develop software that helps people articulate what they are thinking and feeling. I think this would help them really know what is going on within themselves. People need to be more self-aware. I think it would help people to be less irrational, and place blame where it belongs, and realize that sometimes the only person that they have any right to be mad at, or try to change, or to hold responsible for their actions, is themselves.

I want people to find this site and decide that I get it, and they should give me money so that I can have the time to pursue my interests in developing a unified interface theory (AKA - Universal Sock Drawer Theory.), and then I can basically 'get it' for a living. I want corporate sponsorship so I can do my work and explore my idea without having to make it commercially viable right away, and without having to make it "pretty" straight out of the box.

That's what I want.