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Okay, so I got married on the 16th. I am still not used to it...but the one bonus thing is that I get to harrass Jocelyn about posting to "our" 'Blog. (She's promised to contribute an essay about Croissants, and the manners in which they improve her life.)

There are lots of things that are being called "ours" now that we're married. For example...I am not fixing MY computer (which, I broke, thank you very much), I am fixing OUR computer. And we aren't driving HER car this weekend because MINE has a fucked up wheel bearing again, we are taking OUR new car this weekend because OUR old car has a fucked up wheel bearing again.

On the other hand, I don't know if I can spend OUR $75 on a new harddrive for OUR 6 year old Powerbook, because WE have a $1400 Dental bill to pay (to not get a crown put on Jocie's tooth).