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feeling: I am experiencing vertigo right now.

Okay, so wedding photos are starting to trickle in, so here's a taste from the rehearsal dinner.

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On Wednesday, October 27th, Wes said

Dude, it was good seeing you. Congrats again on the wedding, fantastic ceremony. I'm also digging the blog here. Although, on the front page, in my browser, I get the zero entry at the top of everything. Kinda weird to see the first entry you wrote (back on 8/23) followed by later entries. Although maybe that's how GM works... I've never used it.

On Tuesday, November 9th, Jon said

Hey man, so I am still tweaking this thing a lot. You are the second to say that the Zero entry at the top confused you, so I changed it.

Anyway, yeah, it was great to see everybody again. We need to keep up with each other.

And - In case you are wondering why I posted this here...I am trying to figure out how this form works so that I can tweak it too. ;-)