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So, I decided to start this entry in the last 15 minutes of the day. Let's see if I can finish it before my time runs out and it's tomorrow. wink

I have a few basic things, which I will bust out into other posts tomorrow. Here they are:

1) I like OS X a lot. I can't believe how well it runs on my old-as-dirt G3. It's unbelievable. It's really breathed some life back into a machine that I had been considering replacing.

2) Having good taste does not make you creative. If I hear one more housewife being called an "interior designer" because they decorated their friend's bathroom, I am going to shit my pants. (Common theme, I know.)

3) I think I have an idea for the interface on my new site. It's going to be simple and sleek and make perfect sense, yet none at all. So either everyone will love it, or everyone will hate it. The way I see it, it can either be good or 1)not orderly enough for the order people, or 2)not random enough for the random people, or 3) both or 4) neither. I'm hoping it works...although everyone I explain it to keeps looking at me like I am nuts.

Done! 11:53! - Jon