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Just so you know, I am not dead. I've been really "busy" lately.
We went to a Cowboys game last night. Like everything else in Texas, the stadium is attrocious. Huge, sprawling, and poorly organized. Also - I shouldn't have to pay $12 to walk two miles from the parking lot.

On a lighter note, I am trying to make friends the 21st century way! I joined friendster today. I already have a little buddy who has displayed interest in hanging out, playing guitar, and designing websites. So yeah, who says you have to leave your house to make new friends?

Clarke and Vidalina are in town this weekend (well, to be fair, Clarke is mostly in town...he lives here) it'll be cool to see them. They're the first really cool people I've met since moving down here. BTW - I am editing this post from a 12" Powerbook G4 in a compUSA. I wanted to try out typing on the incredibly small little machine. It's pretty smooth and nice. I could write a book on here. (Although trackpads, in general, suck.)

Think about this. This thing has the same sized screen as my gigantic Wallstreet. But it's WAY small. I could take this will me all kinds of places! It's got Airport Extreme in it too...which is badass. wink

I want one. I'd need a monitor, keyboard and mouse for at home though. This trackpad drives me NUTS! It would be cool though. This thing is small enough to take with me anywhere.