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Okay, so it was another big weekend.

As a few people know, last weekend we attended a church-mandated weekend retreat for people who don't know how to get along. Really, I think it was supposed to make us think about stuff and talk about stuff that perhaps we had not thought or talked about...but Jocie's so lovely, I just do what she says anyway, so what does it matter? (That's a joke, y'all.)

Well, that was a busy weekend, and we lost a lot of housework in the shuffle...but never fear, we made it all up on Saturday (well, really Jocelyn did...I have no idea what I did), because Terry, the priest who is marrying us, was coming over! shocked

More after the jump… Yeah, so Fr. Terry came over, and we made dinner, and Jocie's parent's came over (as did Keith) and we all ate and talked, and there was minimal grilling.

Terry, in case any of you do not know the back-story, was the priest in charge of the Youth Ministry at St. Joe's when Jocie and I were involved in it. I always thought he was younger than he is. Apparently he's like, the same age as my parents...or somewhere thereabouts.

He's still really tall. His hair is grey. He still wears Birkenstockes. My dog likes him. He was nice to her. (And even though he made some fairly disturbing inferrals about some priests not liking animals, I think I expect all priests to think Mabel is great...mostly because she is.)

Jocie made this awesome meat marinade that we used to make Flank steak, which I wouldn't even tell was Flank when all was said and done. We steamed broccolli, and Jocie roasted fingerling potatoes with some herbs and oil (which was WAY better than I had expected for on-the-fly) and baked a blackberry cake thing. It was a big meal. Next time though, three minutes per turn on the grill for that flank steak.

We sat around and talked until about 10:30, when everyone decided to leave. I missed that part. I was in the garage having a smoke. I hope they didn't think that my absence meant that I was done with our little gathering. Anyway. It was cool. We sat around and talked about books, and the church (and her politics) and all manner of things. (Like that? Manner of things?)

Then, on Sunday we slept until 10:30, woke up, ate breakfast, went back to bed until noon, and started the chores.

Oh hey, this was funny, and I hope it starts a feud. I've never really been part of a feud, to my knowledge, so this would be funny. Jocie and I got sick of our neighbors and their crappy yard-maintenance so we mowed the part of the lawn on the other side of the sidewalk. They had let it grow until the end where the street lamp is had like 2-foot crap growing around it. Not only was it ugly, but it was growing giant sticker-pod things, which we hate, and we just had our lawn sodded to get rid of them!

Anyway, we mowed and edged that strip. Hopefully it will motivate them to mow their crap. Bunch of bums.

Maybe next week I'll put a sign in their yard that says "Stop throwing your shit in our Yard." That all really depends on whether or not I find another can of Dr. Pepper in the yard while I am mowing. I could start a fairly interesting log of the things that I find in my front yard. Perhaps you, the great public, could help me deduce what the hell they are doing over there.

So far I have found: Numerous bottles and cans of Dr. Pepper, a full Bottle of Motor Oil, a Ratchet and sockets (actually, Jocie found those) half a bicycle, many plastic bags, and (I think) a bong made out of random metal and plastic tools. it's been there for weeks, so maybe I should retrieve it and figure out what it is...if only to throw it out.

Maybe I should gather all this stuff up and set it on their front porch. I don't think they use the front door though.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Aren't you glad I told you all about it? See Mom, there is a reason for these stupid 'Blog things.

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