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feeling: Umm...I don't know. Tired.

Okay, so since I am reasonably sure that my bosses will never check this website, like, ever, I feel like I can rant on here with reckless abandon.

It shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone that I don't like my job. I am a designer, man, and I gotta design. Staying up late at night, ignoring my fiance, and having no social life are getting the better of me. I like the work I do at night better. That's all there is to it. If I could start getting decent local business, I'd give my two weeks as soon as we close on the house.

We'll do the math after the jump. Okay, so right now I am making $40,000 a year, and bringing home $27,596 after taxes. So The Man is taking 31% of my money. And truthfully, I would get a lot of that back (were it not for the side income).

Now, since I would be paying my own social security, (which currently is about 6% of my salary) I can tack on an additional 6%, meaning that The Man would be taking 37% of my money were I self employed. Hmmmm. That means, in order to take home the same amount of money that I am now (not counting the side-income, which is very nice) I would need to make $43803.17 and really, that wouldn't keep me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. Currently, I am making $40k, plus a bonus that basically equals $200 per month before taxes. So that's an extra $2400 a year, plus I am making side money on my clients, which has probably been in the neighborhood of an extra $5000 this year so far. So really, in order to keep myself in the lifestyle to which I am accustomed, I need to bill $75238. Damn that's a lot of money. That's 1158 billable (and accurately billed) hours. That's a little over 23 billed hours every week, assuming 50 weeks (two for vacation). Yikes!

Of course, there are other complications involved with going freelance.
I need to buy our house.
I would be paying for my own health insurance again.
Then again, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I won't have to commute.
I would save like $140 a month on Lunch and something along the lines of $75 on gas.
Then again, I'd have to find a good accountant, because I am not going to make a mess of things this time like I did last time.

Who knows. I'm sure I'll post on this again.